4/10/12 News Release: g8wave Mobile acquired by Sumotext

strategy development

Whether you are new to mobile or you have been taking steps to incorporate mobile and are still trying to find the right fit, we can help.

We've worked hand in hand with brands and agencies around the world to develop proven, market tested, sustainable mobile strategies. We can help you understand the technology, the ecosystem, the consumer, the carrier environment and the trends affecting the mobile industry. As a brand, we'll help you understand the appropriate techniques to reach your desired audience. Our agency partners look to us to help define the best tactics for existing customers and new client pitches.

In the end, we will devise a plan that integrates mobile into your approach seamlessly and positions you to leverage mobile effectively moving forward.

Set up a consulting session with us and no matter where you are in your evaluation of mobile, we can get you pointed in the right direction.